brand perception

What is brand perception?

Brand perception is the opinion customers or potential customers form of a brand based on what they see, hear, or experience of your brand.

Common aspects of brand perception are based on the following:

This is predominantly a personal perception about the value a customer places on a product or service. For example Dyson hair products are perceived by many to be significantly overpriced in comparison to competing products in the sector

The perceived quality of product or service and how well these fit a personal need or requirement.

Perception derived from visual stimulus is derived from a number of factors. These include: The visual appeal of the brand mark or logotype and personal preferences and associations made in relation to the colours used by the brand; any distinct shape or imagery used; the typography or tone of voice used in any strapline or messaging; the look of any products and; any marketing communications/advertising collateral.

The environment, placement or context the brand is seen in will also potentially have a bearing on perceptions of a brand (visual associations).

Perceptions are also based on the accumulated reputation a company builds over time. This will include recommendations about the company or organisation from friends and family, or based on any press coverage or sentiment around issues that arise from time to time in the public domain which relate to the sector, products or services associated with a company or organisation.  

Building reputation is a time consuming process and a company or organisation must be increasingly vigilant about their reputation as it can be lost far more quickly and easily than it can be built.

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