what is a brand audience

What is a brand audience?

An audience in the context of a brand is the individual or groups of individuals you need to connect with in order to achieve your objectives and vision. The audience is categorised by the role they play in relation to the brand rather than their their needs (needs are identified in the section ‘Market’).

Audiences may be classified as ‘internal’ and ‘external’ audiences. Internal audiences includes those individuals or groups that enable a business to deliver products or services. External audiences identifies the individuals or groups that either influence others about the merits of the business or, those indivuals or groups that buy your products or services.

Audiences may also be prioritised as ‘primary’, ‘secondary’, or ‘tertiary’ audiences to identify the different levels of importance the business places on their role in promoting or supporting the brand.

Examples of audience types include:


Any specific sub-category or group of people (market segment)

Stakeholders or Shareholders


Members (if a membership organisations)

Existing or potential customers

Supply chain

Delivery partners

Opinion formers (Local or national press, Local authorities, Government, Intermediaries such as accountants, financial advisers, or health professionals etc.)

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